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Jun 08, 2015


BRADENTON, FL – JUNE 08, 2015, The Skyway Film Festival announces their "Teleplay" Final Four Finalists!

RAZORHURST Written By: Li Lu

QUIXOTIC Written By: Austin McKinley

ACCIDENT Written By: David J. Schroeder

BE TRUE Written By: Jon Michael Hill

Shark Tank: Teleplay finalist pitch their project to accomplished screenwriter Michael Lucker(Vampire in Brooklyn, Mulan II, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron) and film producer and show runner Daniel Bort.

A lot of screenwriting teachers claim to teach what you need to make it in the movie biz – but how many of them have actually done it? Michael has penned more then twenty feature screenplays for studios such as Paramount, Disney, DreamWorks, Fox and Universal, including Vampire in Brooklyn, Home On the Range, Mulan II and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, which was nominated for an Academy Award as best animated feature. At Screenwriter School, Michael will teach you how to go from first idea to first sale – the way only an experienced screenwriter can do it.

Jon Michael Hill from ABC's "Elementary" at Skyway with his script "Be True".